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Collect, preserve and disseminate National documented intellectual and cultural heritage


The Ministry of Sports and Culture‚Äôs mission is to develop and support implementation of policies and strategies to promote culture as foundation to the development of our country. 

Focusing on creative industry is one of the strategies that has to be developed by giving direction related to:

 Participate in the elaboration of policy of culture.

Put in place the strategies for promotion of arts and monitor their implementation.


Put in place regulatory framework for creative industries (plastic arts, film, poetry, music, ceramic, theatre, fashion dance, writing etc.)


Develop and implement innovative program for the promotion of creative arts within educational institutions.


Initiate and implement capacity building programs for different stakeholders in arts.


Put in place forum of the different stakeholders in arts to continually exchange ideas on arts development.


Put in place an organizational structure for effective management of film industries.


Develop annual plans and report for the arts related programs.


The Ministry is encouraging local government, prive Sector and Civil society to implement its policy and develop creative industry sector.

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